Knot to Worry uses natural looking silk flowers for bouquets and arrangements to suit any lifestyle and any occasion. 

We will create pieces for your home, wedding, social, at a price that will suit any budget! 

Knot to Worry, we will take care of your floral decoration needs. 

When we started “Knot to Worry” our ideas were to think of ways to help newly engaged couples save money on their wedding preparation. 

You can say that we're “Jack of All Trades”. You name it, We'll build it!! 

We make beautiful, unique bouquets and charge much less than a florist would charge. 

We take the care and responsibility in preparing bouquets, showing you the results before your wedding. We make sure the bouquets are not a big surprise to you the day of your wedding, and we make sure that you are in love with your bouquets. 

The benefit of using our bouquets is they will look wonderful in your  pictures. The flowers will last the entire day plus you can put them in a vase for the many romantic dinners that you will be having down the road.  Your roses won't be limp half way into the evening and your white flowers won't be "brown" and your bouquet won't leak down your expensive beautiful dress!

Silk is the new way to go and many brides are finding out after they get a breakdown of what it will cost them at a Florist! 


If you want someone who cares and will help you in your preparation of your silk wedding flowers, look no further! We have helped brides all across Canada, United States and Internationally. We will give you sound advice how to save money in the process.

We purchase top notch products; keep costs down and pass the savings on to you!  


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**Disclaimer - All professional wedding pictures have been authorized by the Bridal couple/photographer to be shown on this website.  










Welcome Wedding Bell Brides!



Many people asked me to post prices - so here you go!

Bridal Bouquets - Starting at $85

Bridesmaids - $60

Boutineres - $15

Corsages - $18

Throw-a-way Bouquets - $40




Knot to Worry Lorette, MB 

Remember - Lorette is only a hop and a skip from Winnipeg!!  To borrow a pun "It's worth the trip"!

(204) 878-2431 






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